Give Online

At Calvary First, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to donate and worship through giving tithes and offerings.  We offer three ways you can begin to respond to the heart of God through giving.


Sunday Worship Service

If you would prefer to bring a check or cash donation with you to the worship service on Sunday, we still pass the offering plates as part of our worship time.  There are offering envelopes in the chair in front of you so that you can designate tithes and offerings if you so desire.

Bill Pay through your Bank

You can also use the “bill pay” option like you may do for many of your other monthly payments. Check with your bank for details.

Debit Card Donations

We recognize that a large number of us no longer carry cash and use debit cards as a way of paying monthly bills. Paypal is the easiest and most cost-effective manner in which to make a donation to Calvary First.